Standing Data Management.

It pays to see the bigger picture.

With the primary focus of getting to the root cause and reconciling all discrepancies between your standing data and the market’s standing data, you can now correct errors before they impact critical operational processes.

Maintain true and accurate standing data across your entire system with this powerful, intuitive and user-friendly tool.

How does it work?

Given the high number and high complexity of day-to-day standing data transactions across the energy market, translation of the data to operate within your individual system or application is often required. This, coupled with updates you have not yet received from the market, means standing data can quickly drift from ‘actual’, become erroneous and have significant impact on your own business operations.

There is no systematic and sustainable process to maintain accurate standing data across all applications within your system… until now.

Standing Data Management brings a robust alternative to the challenges and business impacts caused by conflicting standing data held within an NMI or MIRN. With a precise mirror of market system data leveraged as the integral, automated audit tool, Standing Data Management delivers a powerful and reliable baseline for accurate standing data.

Safeguarding standing data accuracy in a single application, it brings absolute reliability with regular comparisons of the market system data to ensure the integrity of your standing data is maintained. With API capability and ring-fencing security, Standing Data Management offers market participants an intuitive, compliant and user-friendly platform to access, manage and store accurate organisational and role-specific standing data within one application.



Connects to your standing data with market standing data



Compares and identifies conflicting standing data



Corrects standing data, updating the stored data & associated applications


Stores and maintains a repository of accurate standing data

Benefits that matter.

and intuitive

Reduce operational errors with interactive, targeted screens and real-time notifications

Automated and reliable data comparisons

Deliver faster and more successful operational outcomes with automated data corrections that leverage MSATS as the baseline check point


Improve and maintain accuracy across all applications without overhauling your internal systems and processes


Version tracking means you can easily access and audit all previous changes or corrections

user views

Utilise an enormous choice of screens specifically designed for all roles, across all levels of the energy industry

Single source
of truth

Apply accurate changes at a global level, retaining the integrity of the data and the success of the operational task

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Connect your standing data with market standing data.

Configuring your applications, NMI/MIRN standing data and market systems is light touch, thanks to intelligent integration capability.


Dual fuel (NMI and/or MIRN) connectivity.

Flexible cloud-based or direct integration methods to connect your standing data and the core market system (MSATS) standing data:

  • API exchange
  • FTP exchange
  • Azure queue
  • direct access

Various additional methods to connect to core market system (MSATS) for incoming data updates such as:

  • Bravecloud™ Market Integration Layer
  • your existing market gateway

Optional integration with:

  • non-market or internal operational systems that rely on accurate standing data
  • your current market synchronisation application for seamless and accurate outgoing data transactions

Easily create and manage user access in real-time, from simplistic to sophisticated settings:

  • business unit management and permissions aligned with the regulated level of detail they are permitted to access (ring-fencing utilised)
  • user management and permissions
  • configuration management (activities between Standing Data Management, data sources and repositories)
  • integration management (connectivity between Standing Data Management, incoming/outgoing data sources and repositories)

Highly customisable real-time notifications and events to assist users and applications dependent on standing data to fulfil operational task.

Compare and identify conflicting standing data.

With exclusive and streamlined access to core market system data sources, Standing Data Management compares your current standing data repository and identifies all inconsistent standing data values.


Compare core market system data against any of your repositories stored in Standing Data Management.

Market system data sources used to identify conflicting data within your repositories include:

  • Electricity C1 Snapshot (including initial batch load upon implementation)
  • BaseXML Transactions:
    • CATS Notification
    • C4 Report Response
    • NMI Standing Data Response
    • Service Order Response (Gas only)
    • Account Creation Notification (Gas only)
  • C9 MSATS Report
  • INT337 Gas MIRN Roles
  • Gas DB MIRN Listings
  • Gas Meter Reading Route Change (T75)

Real-time notifications and event publishing to automatically update interested systems and/or users of identified changes that impact current task completion, including but not limited to the following:

  • Conflicts after an automated health check run
  • Bulk updates identified after an automated maintenance run
  • Identified conflicts and comparisons that are ready to be reviewed



Correct standing data, update your repositories and associated applications.

Bring your standing data corrections together by reconciling the conflicts across your standing data repositories and associated applications.


Utilise a range of schedules, including but not limited to:

  • Real-time reconciliation
  • Automated discrepancy correction
  • Scheduled retrievals of participant and market comparisons

Correct standing data in a variety of formats:

  • Market system: reconcile current market system values
  • Date range: reconcile all historical active records
  • Batch regularity: reconcile in nightly/weekly batches
  • Real-time changes: reconcile NMI changes in real-time

Extend the data elements you reconcile, dependent on your specific business task (eg. energy co-generation data).

Automatic reconciliation when a discrepancy is identified during the ongoing maintenance runs.

Verify automatic reconciliation prior to completing a business task reliable on accurate standing data such as:

  • Market reconciliations are up-to-date and accurate
  • Market system transactions (outbound) from Standing Data Management have been accepted
  • Errors impacting invoice creation are up-to-date and accurate

Generate discrepancy tasks in a prioritised format:

  • Low priority, not impacting business operations
  • High priority, impacting business operations

Continuous progress monitoring of reconciliation runs for NMI/MIRN changes.

Store and maintain an accurate repository of standing data.

Experience innovation and power with market-accurate, automated maintenance and exclusive UI designed specifically for your role and industry.

Store all relevant standing data information received or retrieved from market systems, non-market systems and other applications.

Eliminate obstruction of critical processes with automated maintenance of your stored data (even if out-of-sequence to your operational process).
Access reliable information, from simplistic to sophisticated, tailored for a variety of objectives and users.

Data repositories and interactions published across dashboards and user-views.
Data repositories include, but are not limited to:

  • Master repository: culmination of your internal and/or external applications
  • Custom repositories: non-market or internal operational applications holding standing data

Highly flexible dashboards for analytical or operational insight, including but not limited to:

  • Role Totals: compare data across participant by role
  • Churn Analysis: track and monitor changes of financial responsibility of connections points between retail and distribution
  • State Totals: monitor the incoming and outgoing volume of sites across each state/nationally
  • Competitor Analysis: track and monitor competitor behaviour based on standing data changes
  • Solar Installation Analysis: monitor renewable penetration in the market

Intelligent views enabling end-users to access their ‘single-source-of-truth’ on a screen that relates directly to bigger picture impacts, including but not limited to:

Market System (MSATS) View

  • improved platform to access, navigate and interpret market data
  • compare your current repository to a precise MSATS representation of the same standing data
  • view historical transactions used to make updates in the repository

Real-time NMI Discovery View

  • retrieve accurate NMI data within the market system in real-time
  • utilise this view to reduce guesswork, negate errors or follow-ups and eliminate delayed responses from the current NMI discovery process
  • enable streamlined operational and business processes (such as accurate quotes with no reworking) and meaningful customer engagement

Single Connection Point View

  • A ‘one-stop-shop’ for information relating to a specific gas or electricity connection point
  • Intuitive and user-friendly navigation with diverse access options
  • Search for information via NMI/MIRN, across multiple repositories
  • Pinpoint clearly highlighted discrepancies between repositorie
  • Access the overview level for holistic and informed decision
  • Delve into the granular level quickly and easily to access complex detail that is often difficult to find

Historical View

  • access past information relating to a particular site at a point in time, in order to identify a discrepancy that may impact a current business task (such as billing)
  • easily identify highlighted discrepancies in this date-bound historical view

Multi-participant Views: perfect if your business performs multiples roles and require varied level of standing data access

Organisational View: merged rollup of all standing data by participant

Market Participant View: one set of standing data for all roles at a market participant level

Market Participant Role View: standing data that is only relevant at the specific role level and easily customisable to suit your relevant business units

Custom Repository Views: manage specific business processes with custom views of standing data repositories

Operational View: support or improve accuracy relating to specific business tasks

Non-market View: manage the standing data you rely on, whether you are required to publish the updates or not (eg off-market embedded networks)

Reflection view: reduce the need to interact with multiple applications by recreating standing data views of your internal systems, includes highlighted conflicts and comparisons


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