Market Integration Layer.

Not your average market gateway.

Transform the way you manage market messages with Bravecloud™ Market Integration Layer. This sophisticated gateway solution, with unique translation capabilities, streamlines market messages and automates error resolution  to ensure your critical data is received and delivered in line with market rules and prior to impacting any upstream processes.

How does it work?

With the fundamental purpose of ensuring market system data is successfully validated and delivered in line with your business rules and processes, Market Integration Layer enables your team to manage market data unlike ever before.

Integrate market messages with ease and take comfort knowing your market transactions are being delivered with our unique workflows centred around reducing risk and maintaining your data integrity.

Master centralised and efficient data management with our intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, unparalleled automation and ability to connect across multiple data sources.



Connects to your data transactions and the market system



Stores and maintains a repository of incoming and outgoing messages



Translates updated market message versions to suit your current version


Delivers critical data messages to your team and the market

Benefits that matter.

Intuitive and putting
you in control

Improve your delivery success with ease and certainty by leveraging task prioritisation, delivery audits and configuring transactions to suit your specific business needs

Reduce version upgrades and minimise spend

Automatic schema version translations mean you only need to upgrade when a major or core need is stipulated by AEMO

Automated and reliable transactions

Persistent and continual, you can eliminate the need for constant human interaction when managing the outcome of market messages

Upgrade your current gateway today.


Easily connect and sync your systems with the market.

Configuring data input and market system connection is light touch and requires minimal resourcing, thanks to intelligent integration capabilities.

Store and maintain a repository of your incoming and outgoing messages.

Take comfort knowing all incoming and outgoing market messages are stored and archived within a secure data repository.



Translate alternative AEMO versions to suit your current operating version.

This unique functionality identifies alternative AEMO schema versions and automatically translates the data to suit your current version.

Ensure critical messages delivered to your team and the market system.

Highly automated and sophisticated exception management capability means you can trust that critical messages will reach their destination.


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