Best Offer Calculator.

Stay competitive. Automatically calculate your best available offer.

This highly-intelligent calculation engine is designed to support multiple energy plans, keeping you competitive in the market, whilst still satisfying the Victorian energy regulations.

Leveraging cutting-edge methods, Best Offer Calculator is a pioneering tool that automatically compares all of your current product offers with customer data. Supporting both gas and electricity,  the calculator delivers a  best offer message for each unique customer bill and related communications.

Choose from a variety of message options that supports the regulatory criteria and enhances your customer journey.

How does it work?

Best Offer Calculator plugs into your existing system using API capability. This means you can easily and efficiently produce energy bills for your customers, in compliance with the new requirements and without having to overhaul your current billing system or build complex new processes.

Acting as a real-time database, the Best Offer Calculator maintains your product offers and customer standing data, combined with 12 months (or best estimate) of customer meter data. It performs complex, automated analysis on this data and, at your request, calculates the best available energy plan your customer is eligible for. It will then provide this information directly to your invoice printing house or via secure file transfer.

It’s an accurate, efficient and cost-effective solution to ensure you are compliant, can stay competitive in the market and be ready for regulatory audits.


Benefits that matter.


Automated and in control,
with API integration and
real-time callbacks.

Keeps you competitive

Maintain as many product offers as you like due to exclusive automated lifecycle management.

Reduces operational spend

There's no need to overhaul your internal systems and processes with this SaaS.


With thorough tracking and reporting, you don’t need
to fear an audit.

Create a competitive advantage today.


Connect your systems, data and product offers with ease.

Configuring product offers and data input is light touch and requires minimal resourcing, thanks to API and webhook capability.


Flexible and seamless integration with your:

  • billing engine
  • invoice printing system
  • market gateway
  • meter data applications

Ability to bypass market gateway and meter data applications by retrieving data directly from AEMO eHUB (electricity only) and feed back into your system for improved data accuracy

Product offer integration enabling you to perform the following, at any time:

  • upload new product offers (batches or individual)
  • upload and download changes to individual product offers
  • approve, reject or expire product offers
  • download product offer versioning
  • download product offer status and audit details
  • download all product offers based on your search parameters

Validate, manage and expire product offers with our exclusive product lifecycle workflow.

Automated validation and management of available product offers, through to expiry, creates a priceless database of accurate and qualified available product offers for your customers.

End-to-end product offer management, with automatic user notifications and online user interactions relating to products that are:

  • new or requiring amendments
  • invalid
  • not approved
  • reviewed
  • requiring approval
  • not approved
  • pending
  • invalid
  • replaced
  • deactivated: or
  • current

Automated computations that:

  • fast track the calculation outputs by creating product classifications based on common denominator variables such as type of building, rate, power station etc
  • monitors your promotional campaigns and contract date adjustments to support the evolution and expiry of product offers available to individual customers
  • filters product offers to remove the risk of impossible product combinations being calculated
  • allows your team to make simple corrections or changes to a current product offer, without having to resubmit vast amounts of information
  • version tracks any variation made to a product offer

Search and view key information relating to all product offers submitted into Best Offer Calculator (past and present), using predefined filters or dynamic search.



Request your best offer results in real-time.

Real-time best offer requests allow you and your team to request calculations from the Best Offer Calculator in line with your distinct billing deadlines or to conduct a targeted analysis at your will.

Request calculations that offer the following request options:

  • ‘Comply’ current plan vs. comparable plans
  • ‘Impress’ current plan vs. comparable plans + comparison between 1 comparable plan
  • ‘Retain’ current plan vs. comparable plans + comparison between all comparable plans

Set multiple request parameters including:

  • targeted comparisons
  • bulk batch requests (most common)
  • individual customer requests
  • bulk best offers available

Request a variety of additional calculations including:

  • comparison of current product offers
  • comparison of current rates

Receive best offer calculations for your customer communications.

Plan comparisons are processed and your team receive an instant notification to retrieve the results or queue for 3rd party processing, upon completion of the best offer calculations.

Based on your request options, you can access the following result options:

  • ‘Comply’ best offer message:
    • Best offer 1 and its cost
    • Estimated cost saving compared to current plan
  • ‘Impress’ best offer message:
    • Best offer and its cost
    • Estimated cost saving compared to current plan
  • ‘Retain’ best offer message
    • Best offer 2, its cost and cost saving compared to best offer 1
    • All other available best offers, their cost and each cost saving compared to the next best offer



Share your best available offer.

Send your database of calculated best offer messages in a simple batch file that is formatted to suit your mailing house or preferred recipient requirements.

Finalise and approve the batch file to be sent directly to your invoice printing system (in-house or 3rd party) or via secure file transfer.

Yes, it is that simple.

Access regulatory reporting information.

Custom-built on the very requirements that are nominated by the Essential Services Commission, you can access the crucial information you need for audits – any time, anywhere.


Showcase educated meter data estimations (where partial or all 12 months’ meter data is not available) by:

  • Uploading the missing period: or
  • Providing annual load estimation metrics

Access and download regulatory reporting including:

  • Tracking and outcome of all call information (requests and responses) between your team and the Best Offer Calculator
  • Identifying if the best offer calculations (based on call request) is late or in breach


Download our Best Offer Calculator

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