Simplify the way you manage your data transactions in the Australian energy market.

Bravecloud™ is a powerful suite of cloud-based solutions that enable Australian utilities to reduce operational costs, comply with evolving regulations and grow profitability by simplifying critical and costly data transactions in the market.

Improve your bottom line with Bravecloud™ today.

Standing Data Management

It pays to see the bigger picture.

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Improve your bottom line with Bravecloud™

Best Offer Calculator

Stay competitive with Best Offer Calculator. A highly-intelligent calculation engine designed to support multiple energy and gas plans, whilst satisfying the new Victorian energy regulations.

Standing Data Management

You're missing revenue and we know how to find it. Identify the source of hidden errors and stop leakage caused by incorrect standing data with this unique data management tool.

Market Integration Layer

Not an average Gateway solution. With sophisticated translation capabilities, you can streamline market messages and automate error resolution with Market Integration Layer.

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